About project

Activity was organised by Wrocławskie Stowarzyszenie Wychowawców from Wroclaw/Poland als training course  02.02.2010 – 7.02.2010 in Wroclaw. Our topic was We are the future-low motivated kids in your town.
Our target group were youth leaders and youth workers from 4 countries: Poland (Wrocławskie Stowarzyszenie Wychowawców), Latvia (YWCA/YMCA), Hungary (Foundation of Ady Endre) and Turkey (Konya Provincial Directorate of National Education). There were 20 participants.

The overall aim were:
- to promote the development of quality Action 4.3,
- to explore the aims of Action 4.3 r Action 5) and its activities,
- to try out creating an Action 4.3 project in an international team.

We had a workshops about non-formal educational methods in the area of sport, Workshop about non – formal education IN THE AREA OF CULTURE, Workshop of inter-cultural communication and other workshops on adventure-based-learning and sportive experiences in action with low motivated kids.


This project is funded with the kind support to the Youth In Action Programme of the European Commission.

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